A work of god! Observe the extreme brushwork of Kutani letter-painting, drawn at the micro level.-


The Artisanal Spirit of 4th Generation Tamura Seito

Tour the studio of Tamura Seito, the sole inheritor of the techniques of mohitsu saiji (extremely fine print written on ceramic with a brush), once practised by many artisans. You will get to see Seito-unique pieces that combine his thorough mastery of mohitsu saiji, touted as highly skilled work even within the sphere of the traditional craft and local production of Kutani ware, along with his delicate and unique paintings. With the chance to view the works accumulated through all four generations of the Tamura house as well, it is a chance you won’t get again.

Participation Fee (tax included) : Free of Charge (no reservation needed)

Maximum Participants : Free to tour anytime during the session.

Minimum Participants : Free to tour anytime during the session.

When : 2021/11/13 10:00~16:00

To Note :
You are free to join and leave anytime during the session. (est. duration 15 mins)
Staff will be present to introduce the gallery and studio on the day.

How to Book : No booking required.

A rare occasion where the works of all four generations of the Tamura house are assembled.

The gallery next to the entrance of the studio displays works from the first to fourth generation of the Tamura house, the only family to pass on the techniques of mohitsu saiji. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to admire these works that fuse aspects of the technique inherited over generations with novel adaptions to the times.

Tour the worksite of mohitsu saiji, characters so small that you’ll strain to see them.

Mohitsu saiji is a technique where characters barely visible without squinting are finely printed on the art piece. It is considered an especially precise technique even among Kutani artists. Just what sort of tools are being used in such a studio? Discover a bewildering world within.

Discover the industrial value of finely printed Kutani works that encompass rich artisanal spirit

Saiji (fine print) artists used to abound in the production sites of Kutani ware. These artists back then specialized only in writing these characters on the insides of painted pottery. Hear about the mohitsu saiji style that arose within this history of Kutani ware production as you tour the facility.

Reservation is not required for this facility.
You may join directly on site during the scheduled session.

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Company Profile

Togama Tamura

Passing down the techniques of Kutani mohitsu saiji

The Komatsu Awazu Plant aims to attain ever greater quality and reliability through the highly-advanced technologies nurtured over its long history, aBorn into the Tamura family of Komatsu City in Ishikawa Prefecture, which has been passing down the techniques of mohitsu saiji for generations, he was trained under his father, the 3rd generation head. He aims to refine his own unique techniques while mastering the expression of the extremely minute characters that are also beautiful specimens of calligraphy.

Address :
I-53 Takando-machi, Komatsu City 923-0031

Tel : 0761-22-6767

Parking : Available (4 spots for regular cars)

English Guidance : Unavailable

Wheelchair accessible : Unavailable

Reservation is not required for this facility.
You may join directly on site during the scheduled session.