Set off! To the artsy work site of an eccentric artist who defies the fundamentals of Kutani ware, with presidents and chameleons.-


Welcome to the “hyper-real” world of Tabata.

A rare chance to peek into the studio of Tabata Naoto, a Kutani ware artistan fixated on shaping thoroughly realistic objects that breakdown the norms of ceramics, and are enabled by a high level of creativity and intense research on the target motifs. Aren’t you intrigued to know where all that creativity comes from? Tour the studio brimming with the sources of Tabata’s inspiration while admiring the works crammed within.

Participation Fee (tax included) : Free of charge (no reservation needed)

Maximum Participants : 5 pax per session

Minimum Participants : 1 pax

When :
2021/11/12 09:00~12:00
2021/11/12 13:00~16:00
2021/11/13 09:00~12:00
2021/11/13 13:00~16:00
2021/11/14 09:00~12:00
2021/11/14 13:00~16:00

To note :
You are free to join or leave anytime during the available sessions.

How to Book : No booking required

How does one make such realistic objects!? You may just be able to uncover the secret behind such great creativity.

Many techniques transcending the paradigms that bind the realm of ceramics lie behind Tabata Naoto’s exceeding creativity. Through this program, you will get to witness the actual shaping process while learning about all those techniques.

“I fall in love with everything I do”, catch a glimpse of Tabata’s philosophy and source of inspiration.

The realistic expressions and movements of the creations birthed through Tabata’s hands are more than just a superficial aesthetic. If it’s a person he becomes that person, if it’s an animal he researches their background thoroughly, such as their ecosystems and habitats. Tabata’s studio is filled with heaps of books and research materials that can be said to serve as his source of intellectual curiosity.

More of an atelier than a studio! Get to see works hidden from the world.

The studio overflowing with art pieces and research materials fits the image of an atelier much better. This atelier is filled with countless precious works that remain hidden from the world, such as the products of Tabata’s experiments and rejects. Hear the story behind each piece while conversing with Tabata himself.

Reservation is not required for this facility.
You may join directly on site during the scheduled session.

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Company Profile

Tabata Naoto

Passing down t“I only choose weird things to make into ceramic ware”

Kutani Ceramist
1969: Born in Mie Prefecture
1992: Graduated from the law faculty of Meiji University
2004: Studied under Takegoshi Jun
2005: Selected for Ishikawa’s traditional crafts exhibition
2011: Received the technical award for the Traditional Kutaniyaki Exhibition
2015: Set up solo exhibition at Nihombashi’s Mitsukoshi Main Store
2017: Received Encouragement Prize at the Japan Ceramics Society Encouragement Prize Exhibition


Address :
3-123 Wakasugi-machi, Komatsu City. 923-0832


Parking : Available (2 spots for regular cars, or park at CERABO KUTANI and walk over)

English Guidance : Unavailable

Wheelchair Accessibility : Unavailable

Reservation is not required for this facility.
You may join directly on site during the scheduled session.