Experience manufacturing on an overwhelming scale! Tour construction machine-maker KOMATSU Ltd.-


World famous Komatsu Ltd. uses an extremely rare energy-saving factory?!

One cannot speak of Komatsu City’s industrial history without including construction machine-maker, Komatsu Ltd. At their Awazu plant, wheel loaders, motor graders, small to medium excavators and bull dozers are produced. You would think such powerful construction machines would also require huge amounts of energy to construct, yet efforts at energy-saving, energy creation and productivity improvement at the Awazu plant has enabled it to achieve a 90% reduction in electricity usage compared to regular assembly plants. In this program, you will get to tour a factory that is world-class not only in production but energy-saving, with a focus on the wheel loader and motor grader assembly lines. Do also look forward to riding “that vehicle” that is often spotted about the snowy lands of Hokuriku.

Participation Fee (tax included):Free of Charge

Maximum Participants:30 pax

Minimum Participants:5 pax

Start Time:2021/11/03 09:00
2021/11/03 13:30

Duration:Around 1.5 hours

Address : Tsu-23 Futsu-machi, Komatsu City, 923-0392

To Note:
Children of junior high school age and below should each be accompanied by at least 1 guardian. Those of senior high school age and older do not require accompaniment.
Please refrain from visiting if you are working in the same industry field (as Komatsu Ltd.).
The tour route includes viewpoints at high elevations of more than 6m and climbing and descending of stairs.

How to Book:
Booking for this program is handled by the Komatsu Chamber of Commerce & Industry via a booking form (link at bottom of page)
Confirmed participants will receive an email at a later date from the Komatsu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, containing information on parking, entry and other important details.

Sign-up Deadline: 31 Oct (Mon)

Tour an energy-saving assembly plant! How are these working vehicles made?

The highlight of this program is none other than the chance to observe the entire construction process under one roof, from the assembly of the construction machinery to inspection. In short, you’re sure to be stunned by the jarring contrast between the indescribable dynamism yet meticulous process of building each piece by hand. You will also get to encounter the secrets behind the factory’s success at achieving more than 90% energy reduction compared to regular assembly plants.

Take a ride on “that vehicle”, found active even about the snowy lands of Hokuriku!

Komatsu Ltd.’s Awazu plant also makes “that vehicle” that can often be seen active in winter. The chance to ride a construction machine is surely one that will get the adults excited as well.

※Operation of the vehicle will be conducted by licensed staff.

The latest advancements on work machinery! A demonstration of ICT machinery.

ICT technology has been gradually introduced to the latest construction machinery. At the Komatsu Awazu plant, such “ICT Machines”, adept at employing information and communications technology, are also produced. A demonstration on how the machines are programmed to operate as intended via machine control technology will be conducted as part of this program.

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Company Profile

KOMATSU Awazu Plant

The main plant of KOMATSU, where the entire process from conception to production of small to medium machinery is conducted.

The Komatsu Awazu Plant aims to attain ever greater quality and reliability through the highly-advanced technologies nurtured over its long history, and advanced efforts such as energy saving. On top of wheel loaders, motor graders, small to medium excavators and bull dozers, even the transmissions which serve as the key component for manoeuvring are developed and produced by the company themselves.

Address : Tsu-23 Futsu-machi, Komatsu City, 923-0392

Tel : 0761-43-4712

Parking :

English Guidance : Possible upon request

Wheelchair accessible : Unavailable